A 90 minute ‘in-school’ PowerPoint presentation that explores Indigenous understanding and harmony, the invasion/colonization debate, the origins of man, the existence of giants, the Bigfoot & Australia's Yowies, Aboriginal astrology or Indigenous place and country and how they connected to the land.

Kadoo will also happily work with teachers and the school’s curriculum to give students an interesting and fun indigenous experience without leaving school grounds.

“Kadoo Tours were professional, informative, engaging and extremely good with the kids.  It was a wonderful learning opportunity. The kids thoroughly enjoyed their time and returned to class enthused and passionate about Indigenous culture and expression.  Would certainly recommend Tim, Grant and their team.”
David Mugridge, Trinity Grammar School

Students will:

  • take part in a ‘Welcome to the Country’ and ochre ceremony acknowledging ‘Mother Earth’;
  • handle Indigenous tools, weapons, skins, bones, shells and learn how they were used;
  • listen to Dream-time stories, Indigenous mythology and how the First Australians were caretakers of ‘Mother Earth’;
  • Look at the changes that came with the arrival of Europeans and how the indigenous people were forced to adapt.
  • Taste seasonal bush tucker
  • Questions and answers.

Presentation Cost:

From $14.00 + GST per student

Presentation length:

1.5 hour with two (2) Presenters

Minimum  Students: 50    Maximum unlimited

Your Tour Guide Tim Ella of the Yuin people.



An authentic and educational experience with First Australian educators.

Kadoo and their indigenous handicraft experts will bring Indigenous skills back to life for students to learn, share and enjoy together.


  • An authentic and educational experience with First Australian educators.
  • Participate in traditional ceremony and sacred stories.
  • Learn about Indigenous symbols, drawing techniques, traditional weaving and sustainability.
  • Workshops run for approximately 2 hours allowing for changeover of classes.
  • Sessions can be structured to align with your school timetable.
  • Up to date Working with Children Check, Risk Assessment and Certificate of Currency provided.

Presentation Cost:

From $14.00 + GST per student

Presentation length:

2 hours

Minimum  Students: 40    Maximum unlimited






Aboriginal Traditional Weaving
Traditional Weaving