We Would Like To Introduce The Kadoo Team

Tim Ella - Your Aboriginal Guide

Tim was born in La Perouse in 1969, one of twelve children and the youngest boy. His three older brothers, Mark, Gary and Glen were Australian Rugby Union representatives while his sister, Marcia, played for her country in netball. Timmy followed a more traditional path although possessing similar ability on the Rugby paddock and cricket pitch.

He grew up embracing his culture, learning the ways of his ancient ancestors from his uncles. He was taught to hunt with Boondi (throwing sticks), spear and boomerang, to gather the fruits and berries and dig for tubers.

His father was a fisherman and he passed on much of his knowledge to his young son, the seasons the fish followed, the methods in which they harvested the schools of bream and mullet that filled Botany Bay.

During school holidays Timmy would go ‘walkabout’ with family and friends, he would camp up and down the east coast from Newcastle in the north to Eden in the south. Never once did Tim forget his origins.

The city was where he was born but the bush and the ocean was where his spirit belonged

As a young man he involved himself in management of his people and their land. He worked as an Aboriginal Sites Officer in the South Coast region for the Land Council and was made Chairman of the Land Council at twenty-two (22), the youngest person to do so.

Now, as a highly considered educator of the Yuin people, and an Aboriginal guide, he wishes to share all he knows with those that come to visit Guriwal (La Perouse) and Kutti (Watsons Bay).

Tim now wants to pass on his knowledge to our country’s visitors, to all who wish to hear his words.

Tim Ella - Kadoo Tours

Latoya Brown - Your Indigenous Guide


Latoya Brown is Tim Ella's eldest daughter, born in the far South Coast of NSW on an Aboriginal Mission Wallaga Lake, she has spent her life learning her culture from her elders and family members. 

Her mother and father all come for fishing families and they have passed on much of their knowledge to her. With these traditional skills she has helped resurrect the traditional cultural mullet fishing in the Kamay Botany Bay area. She also  teachers cultural handicrafts passed down to her from her Nan's and Aunties, the skills of which were almost wiped out by British and Colonial Government's.

Latoya is from the new generation of Aboriginal people, and education has been a major factor in her personal development. She has completed a Diploma of Business, a Diploma Youth Services and a Diploma of Community Services all at Western Sydney University.

She uses this knowledge to help the youth of her people to became the best they can be and to show them that they too can succeed in the Western Society.



Kadoo can offer several Cultural experiences to schools & businesses to make that important day so much the better. These ceremonies can be booked singularly or as a group.



Let Latoya usher in a new year with a Welcome to the country and smoking ceremony. This works wonderfully at school sporting events, dinner and business functions, to ensure good fortune for the building/school and all present.

With the smell of smoldering gum leaves filling the air, be amazed at such a humbling ritual by true descendants of our First Australians.This is something your students, staff or clients will remember for years to come. Tim will give a brief run down of his lands borders and people and how today, we are all one people living on Mother Earth. 

COST - $400


Tim's nephew, Brock Tutt (see right), is an accomplished Indigenous musician and dancer.  He regularly visits schools as a performer or to do indigenous music workshops. Let him attend your next business event to give it that 'wow' factor. He recently performed at the launch of the 2019 NRL and the opening ceremony of the NRL Indigenous All-Stars match.

Have a listen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHmWRlFf-_E

COST - $400 (up to 1 hour performance)              COST - $700 (full day school workshops)



Cianna Walker is of Gumbayngirr blood from the Nambucca Heads area and the Walbunga Tribe of the Yuin Nation of Sydney and southward. She has a wonderful voice and at only 16 years old she is destine for great things. Cianna can perform at your function singing the Australian National Anthem in Dharawal and English. This song is coupled with Ngarra Burra Ferra (Song by Jessica Mauboy from The Sapphires movie). Have a a listen.

COST - $350


Latoya Brown

School Tours & Corporate Cultural Awareness

Tim Ella explaining to school children the Boomerang.
Aboriginal Traditional Weaving
Traditional Weaving